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Leader: O Lord Jesus Christ, the Noah of the end time who saves believers in the ark of the Church through the waters of baptism:. SONG: Any suitable song may be sung. Part III. Acting upon the Word.

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Leader: Our Lord Jesus Christ has saved us from our sins. As his people, let us call out to him:. Lord Christ, we pray for your holy Church; you gave yourself up to make it holy, cleansing it with water and the life-giving word. Renew it constantly, and purify it by penance. Good Master, show young people the way you have chosen for each of them. May they walk in it, and find fulfillment. In your compassion you healed all forms of sickness.

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Bring hope to the sick and raise them up. Teach us to love and care for them. Make us mindful of the dignity you gave us in baptism. May the dead rise to glory in your peace. Grant us with them a share in your kingdom.

Other prayers may be added. May we, the community of baptized believers saved in the ark of salvation,. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son,. Prepared by Sr. Website: WWW. We continue to receive requests for updates on Sandra. Sandra is no longer receiving physical therapy as the doctors believe she has reached her recovery potential. She remains at home with her family and continues to teach Sunday School. An update on J and T. Both are finally adjusting without their mother who left them to live in the US. Fifty five adults and 9 children completed a discipleship course and 33 are currently in discipleship classes.

God has enabled us to reach many through your partnership of prayer and giving. Sharing the Good News that Christ came to save us through His death and resurrection that we might have life and spend eternity with Him. We are so grateful for your partnership in preparing the way of the Lord!

May God bless you! Dear Ones,. Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support throughout the year! Year-end gifts help us throughout the year for the many months where giving is below our average monthly costs, so that we can continue doing what we do: reaching the lost, making disciples, and doing medical missions. May God especially bless you in this season as we are reminded of the coming of our Savior as He humbled Himself at the will of the Father to bring us redemption through His obedience, sufferings, and resurrection!

There were many new children. Pray that they will return to the weekly Bible classes. Freddy and Pastor Wilfredo went with six of our youth. We are praying that this will be a life changing experience for S. The clinic was targeting the population in a particularly shady district. Few from that area attended so staff went into the streets to invite the vendors and poor from the area. It was a joy to see one elderly man and woman share the Gospel with such enthusiasm. Praying that the seeds planted will be watered and bear fruit. Safety for all involved. For many this will be their first time in the ocean.

There will be life guards but the ocean waters along the coast of El Salvador are not calm.

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For our staff to have energy, for new children to come to hear the Gospel and make decisions to receive Christ and be His disciples. Also for our protection in these two gang controlled communities. We are so grateful for your partnership in reaching the children and youth for Christ before they travel down the road to destruction! Although 22 or so attended over the past year, nine were faithful in coming, completing their workbooks, doing their assignments, learning their verses and sharing with us about their spiritual struggles. One in the class who has come for five years has not received Christ as her Savior.

Please pray for J. We have asked several of our older youth who have been in the classes over the past five years to help with the crafts this week and next week. Please pray in particular for J. Missionaries face the same temptations as others. I am asking you to pray for several missionary couples whose marriages have fallen apart and are going through divorces.

Satan is alive and going about seeking whom he can destroy and kill. He attacks everyone, but in particular those who are in the positions of ministry. Please be in prayer for your pastors and their families, missionaries and their families and the body of Christ to withstand the devil and flee from him.

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His mother gave permission for the baptism because his life has changed drastically since receiving Christ as his Savior. She was happy to give her blessing in his desire to obey and follow Christ in baptism. Please pray that he will continue to be the testimony that he has been to his family.

Tuesday we had the privilege to join Pastor Wilfredo in the three sectors of the prison. Please pray for the Word of the Lord to take seed in those most resistant to Christ. Please be in prayer as we finish up the Bible classes for the year and begin Vacation Bible School.

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For sufficient volunteers to work with our staff, and safety in the communities. So thankful for your prayers. He appreciates your prayers as his ministry field is emotionally and spiritually draining.

Catholic Education Week – May 3 – May 8, 2020

They made a four hour trip to San Salvador to go to the Emergency Room. She is around 22 years old, is in End Stage Lupus and Renal Failure stage 5 , so the doctors believe she is not a candidate for a kidney transplant or dialysis. In March, she was given a one year life expectancy. Her pain is horrible and she suffers from thrombosis in her legs. Her feet are blue.

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Through all her pain, she still serves along side her husband in the church ministry in a community high up on a volcano. Please pray for the Lord to give Y pain control and complete healing. Also, pray for their congregation during this time. We have a very busy weekend coming upon us. Some of the Christian ladies who have diabetes are inviting other ladies from the communities. Diabetes is a very serious and common medical condition in El Salvador with Lorraine caring for several young newly diagnosed diabetic patients.

These classes not only provide diabetic education, but a means of sharing the Gospel. While Lorraine has been teaching English and providing counseling, another team member has been preparing children for Baptism. K, a 20 year old who came to Christ several years ago while attending The Judgment House Drama Outreach with Lorraine, and then later attended our youth group and continues to serves with us in the ministry, was in a motor cycle accident on Thursday morning, June 28th.

Both his tibia and fibula bones were broken in his right lower leg. The public hospital where he was taken to is over crowded so he is still waiting for surgery which could be up to 10 days.