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TV min Crime, Drama, Mystery. TV 51 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. When wealthy collector Brander Merton buys a Coptic chalice, he doesn't intend to meet the same fate as the relic's two previous owners. But after an arrow strikes him dead, Father Brown must expose the cup's supposed curse. TV 95 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Long-suppressed family secrets, stolen ancient artifacts, and a thirty year old death at a Celtic burial site result in a series of murders in present day Midsomer. While hunting, Arthur and Merlin see a unicorn.

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Because of Jesus' command to his disciples to "Do this in remembrance of me. Naturally, the vessels used in this important act of worship were highly decorated and treated with great respect. A number of early examples of chalices have a large bowl and two handles. Over time, the size of the bowl diminished and the base became larger for better stability.

Over time, official church regulations dictated the construction, blessing, and treatment of chalices. Some religious traditions still require that the chalice, at least on the inside of the cup, to be gold-plated. In Western Christianity , chalices will often have a pommel or node where the stem meets the cup to make the elevation easier. In Roman Catholicism, chalices tend to be tulip-shaped, and the cups are quite narrow. Roman Catholic priests will often receive chalices from members of their families when first ordained.

In Eastern Christianity Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches , chalices will often have icons enameled or engraved on them, as well as a cross. To accomplish this, a portion of the Lamb Host is placed in the chalice, and then the faithful receive Communion on a spoon. For this reason, eastern chalices tend to have larger, rounded cups. In the Russian Orthodox Church , the faithful will often kiss the "foot" base of the chalice after receiving Holy Communion.

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In other traditions, they will kiss the cup. Although Orthodox monks are not permitted to hold personal possessions, the canons permit a hieromonk i. In the early and medieval church, when a deacon was ordained , he would be handed a chalice during the service as a sign of his ministry. Early written accounts of the ordination of deaconesses also reflect this practice. Only wine, water and a portion of the Host are permitted to be placed in the chalice, and it may not be used for any profane purpose. The chalice is considered to be one of the most sacred vessels in Christian liturgical worship, and it is often blessed before use.

In the Roman Catholic Church, and some Anglo-Catholic churches, it was the custom for a chalice to be consecrated by being anointed with chrism , and this consecration could only be performed by a bishop or abbot only for use within his own monastery. In some traditions the very act of celebrating the Sacred Mysteries Sacrament is the only blessing necessary; in others, there is a special rite of blessing.

In some Eastern traditions this blessing may be done only by a bishop, in some it may be done by a priest.

In any case, in both the East and the West, once a chalice has been blessed, it may only be touched by an ordained member of the higher clergy bishop, priest or deacon. In the Russian Orthodox Church a subdeacon is permitted to touch the holy vessels, but only if they are wrapped in cloth. New Testament texts make no mention of the cup except within the context of the Last Supper and give no significance whatsoever to the object itself. Herbert Thurston in the Catholic Encyclopedia concluded that "No reliable tradition has been preserved to us regarding the vessel used by Christ at the Last Supper.

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In the sixth and seventh centuries pilgrims to Jerusalem were led to believe that the actual chalice was still venerated in the church of the Holy Sepulchre, having within it the sponge which was presented to Our Saviour on Calvary. An entirely different and pervasive tradition concerns the cup of the Last Supper. In this highly muddled though better-known version, the vessel is known as the Holy Grail.

In this legend, Jesus used the cup at the Last Supper to institute the Mass. Other stories claim that Joseph of Arimathea used the cup to collect and store the blood of Christ at the Crucifixion. At the opening of Unitarian Universalist worship services, many congregations light a flame inside a chalice. It became an underground symbol in occupied Europe during World War II for assistance to help Unitarians, Jews, and other people escape Nazi persecution. The two linked rings were used as an early symbol for the Unitarian Universalist Association, signifying the joining of Unitarianism and Universalism.