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He has another girl friend during separation without signed any separation agreement with me yet and planing to buy another house and land on his own name. Can I get a claim for spiritual damaged from he is in another relationship with someone during separation? Can he buy any property alone without my name during separation?

I want to feel secure in our home and obviously want the house for me and the kid so. Is there ways or proposals I can do to make this happen thank you, J. Jan, there is not fast answer. If you cannot reach agreement by mediation or otherwise, you may have to issue judicial separation proceedings.

Dear John, I have recently left the family home after fifteen years of marriage. We bought the house 17 years ago. We have three children under I have two questions. Can my wife stop the children from seeing me? Who do I approach if she is refusing to allow me access? Where do I start with assets?

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The house is in both our names but I have always paid the full amount of the mortgage. She is being very difficult and demanding. I am at the end of my tether and feeling very low. Any advice would be very much appreciated. On the legal side , if you cannot get agreement you may initially have to take legal action — i. Hopefully , you may in time be able to mediate or agree matters amicably through mediation or otherwise. I have purchased a house on my own after being separated from my husband for 7 years. I purchased the house in November He made no contributions to my house purchase and nor were any monies from our marriage used to pay for the house.

We were not legally separate but I am now looking to divorce. He has no assets of his own. How would I fare in court in terms of retaining my house? Quick answer , if there is no financial dependence, your house should not be included. However, the overriding consideration by the Courts is making proper provision for spouses and dependents on the breakdown of a marriage.

My husband of 13 years relationship of 21 , recently decided to end things out of nowhere. He has been out of work sick for the last 6 years and is in a legal battle with his employer due to this. Mortgage protection has been paying our mortgage in his name due to him having no income although the house is in both names. Will this be affected? I am also paying debts from property tax in relation to the his family home. Will he have to take these over? A few questions there — any monies received during the marriage would usually be considered available to make provision for the family; by mortgage protection I assume is income protection to cover the mortgage — you would need to check the terms of the policy on whether or not any of these payments would be recoverable; on the move to his former family home — this should not affect the mortgage protection but again to be sure , you would have to check the policy.

If there are debts on property tax , this is something that should be accounted for in the ultimate resolution of the breakup. We both pay the mortgage. My wife wants me to leave the house before we get a mediated agreement in place. Will our house have to be sold as I have no money to get another place to live. How do people in similar situations fair out?

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That is a very difficult one to answer without all the detials. Your case does not appear to fall into that category. I say this because it appears that if you sell the house and split to proceeds neither party may be able to sort accommodation. I would be inclined to mediate a settlement , rather than leave it in the hands of a judge! I own my house which was bought and paid for by myself. I have a teenage child from a previous relationship and want him to inherit when I pass.

He resides in the house periodically. I also have a new son of 6 whom I also want to inherit with my new partner and as we will get married I want to ensure my first son is not ousted or put out of any inheritance he might be due should I die or if I got divorced god forbid.


How can I protect the asset for the first and second son. Is a prenup the only way? My self and my x had gone through an agonising expensive and traumatic legal battle in court with a large fee that I will still be paying for four years or more The settlement gave me an overseas family home that I later sold to for K to use as first payment I am 48 and not sure if I can get a morgadge at this age I later heard that he bought a home signed for morgadge during the court proceedings Is that legal?

Was I entitled to half of that at the time? Sarah, I am afraid I cannot comment on this. It is a question for your solicitor who handled your divorce. Dear John My name is Ciaran I was married for 12 years I have 3 houses Which she never paid for anything the dee are only in my name as I brought and paid the loans on them my self she has a full time job in hotel I am a chef The family home that we lived in I received from my mother and father 13 years ago. Ciaran, I am not sure of your question — but it may be what entitlement she might have to those assets.

The best I can give you , is that a Court will use the assets to make proper provision for the family. This may involve transferring an asset to her or selling one. If both of you are earners , the question of spousal maintenance may not arise. Liz, that a very specific question and the answer will depend on a number of factors — such as: the accommodation needs of both parties , the assets and liabilities of the parties, contributions made.

The Court looks to making proper provision for all parties in a fair and just way. If, however , this is an asset that was inherited after the marriage ended and both parties are financially independent , I would be reasonably confident that your mother should keep her home. Hi John thanks for reply. I notice that my full name is on the query can it be removed and substituted with just Paul or PJ.

My ex moved out 10 years ago, and left me to financially manage a sunk property portfolio and 3 college going children. I lived frugally, worked really hard, invested my savings in renovations and managed to make it through the recession renting and managing the properties….

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He moved in with a partner within weeks of leaving me. We had a maintenance arrangement which he never paid. We had an arrangement that he would do some maintenance which he never did. Leave myself without a decent home and with no income? I have no job prospects at my age….

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While we were married and living together, I was the sole income earner most of the time, although I also paid for childcare while he unsuccessfully looked for work…. We are both near retirement age with no dependent children. He has inherited a small house where he does not want to live…. Ger, there is a lot in this for a blog response. The quick answer is that if he as access to accommodation then you should be able to make the argument that he has made no contribution. The problem is that a Court will seek to make some provision for him. We strive to give a voice to you as an Individual. We offer client focused service and cutting edge process and technology through ongoing research.

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